Models 1958



1958 Ranger



price:        2,484 - 2,558$
wheel base:   118 in
engine:       V8
displacement: 361 cu in
power:        303 bhp
torque:       400 ft lbs
transmission: 3 speed auto, Teletouch optional


1958 Pacer


price:        2,700 - 2,993$ (Convertible)
wheelbase, engine etc. as Ranger


1958 Corsair



price:        3,311 - 3,390$
wheelbase:    124 in
engine:       V8
displacement: 410 cu in
power:        345 bhp
torque:       475 ft lbs
transmission: Teletouch 3 speed auto


1958 Citation


price:        3,500 - 3,766$ (Convertible)
wheelbase, engine etc. as Corsair

Roundup, Villager, Bermuda

1958 Roundup


price:        2,481 - 3,212$
engine:       as Ranger and Pacer
transmission: 3 speed manual, optional 3 speed auto and Teletouch
available with 2 or 4 doors, 6 or 9 passenger

About 90% were ordered with automatic transmission. Best selling options were heater, radio, white wall tires, power steering and power breaks. Simple safety belts were also offered, but rarely ordered. Comfort was more important than safety

.E475 engine

Test drivers agreed that the power of the E475 engine was impressive. One wrote it would be strong enough to pull the Empire State Building out of it's foundation. (Of course this was impossible, but the Edsel came with one of the most powerful engines available in a mass production car.) Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph was measured less than 10 seconds, and I had to study many reports until I found one were the maximum speed was reported: 120 mph ! I wouldn't have tried this with those radial tires available at that time.

Test drivers were pleased with the ride of smaller models, but the suspension of the larger models was too soft even for American drivers. On sharp turns the car leans over very much but stays on the road with heavily squeaking tires.

By the way, modern steel belted tires will increase safety significantly for the price of slightly reduced suspension comfort.