Edsel 1960

The design for 1960 was radically changed. The "horse collar" grille disappeared completely, but too late. In October 1959, shortly after production of the new model had started, Ford managers stopped the Edsel project.

200.000 to 300.000 units had to be sold each year to cover the costs within tree years, but over all only about 110.000 cars had been produced. Ford had spent 250.000.000$ attempting to increase their market share in the medium price field.

1960 cover page

1960 Convertible

After the press criticized the car and jokes about the Edsel's grille became popular, Edsels were hard to sell. Dealers tried their best, but even the new TV ads didn't help. Many cars had been recycled after a few years, and the remaining Edsels were driven without care and regular maintenance. Who wonders that many survivors are in very poor condition. Common spare parts that have been used in Fords and Mercurys are easy to get and relatively inexpensive, but more Edsel specific parts can be rare and expensive or even no longer available. Sometimes wrecks are offered for a few dollars, but choosing a better and more complete car can be cheaper in the end.

When searching the internet I found information about 1960 Edsels in the United States, but I've never seen or heard about one in Germany. If you know one, please contact me.