Photo Album 2014


Musikbox-Festival Kaunitz

mein Edsel


Nordstern Klassik



 Fladungen Classics


VW being polished

my Edsel

arriving cars

driving Cadillac

Opel truck

Opel radio truck

red Edsel

bubble car in tent

BMW in front of church

another Edsel

Opel in Front of church

Glas street

arriving Mustang

typical 1950 milk bar

my Edsel



waiting for entrance

my Edsel in front of Ferris wheel

Thunderbird being polished

a beer for the piano man

arriving Edsel

parked Edsel

another Edsel

cars driving thru crowd

steam engine

riding old train

riding old train

in the station

way back

arriving at Fladungen station



Pre50 Meeting at Stukenbrock Safaripark

my Edsel

1959 Edsel

Homer Simpson driving an Edsel

1958 Dodge

rhino in front of a roundabout


parking at night

sign showing way to stroller rental station

bubble car between big ones

Buick driving through park

another Buick driving through the park



ABC Meet in Bochum


my Edsel




suckling on grill

my Edsel

my Edsel again

Ford Galaxie and Thunderbird



Vintage car meet near Uedem

my Edsel

Mercedes truck

Henschel truck

MAN truck

unusual rain protection

Borgward station waggon

"finally you see a nice car"

jumping toy car

truck standing in mud